Hey, hi, hello!

I’m a multimedia artist who works mostly digitally, with ink and with gouache. I first became interested in art as a child because of my dad who is an architect. Design, aesthetics and craftsmanship were virtues in our household alongside honesty and integrity. While other children were learning to draw suns and trees my dad was teaching me to draw chairs and houses in perspective. On a less serious note I was inspired by cartoons I watched as a child as well as the rock music album covers in my parents home. In high school I took multiple years of art classes, graphic design classes and functional art classes such as woodworking. 

Fast forwarding through living in California, Washington, Hawaii and Michigan- I have recently graduated (December 2018) from Kendall College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration. While at KCAD I was able to experiment in a variety of mediums such as, but not limited to: photography, printmaking, traditional painting and graphic design. While at Kendall I had the chance to participate in a few public projects with painting part of a mural for Movies On Monroe, an outdoor events area, and an animal exhibit for The John Ball Zoo. 

Today I am inspired  still by album covers and vintage posters but also nature as I have been lucky enough to live in places with a thriving culture of outdoor activities. My more surreal work is inspired by some of my favorite shows and movies such as The X Files, Twin Peaks, historical dramas and animated films. I make work that I feel combines all these interests to tell a story. To tell a story of an emotion, a character, a particular moment or even a brand. 

My work has been featured @

The John Ball Zoo: Gila Monster Exhibit

Movies on Monroe: Public Seating Area

Atwater Brewery: Art Prize 2018 Display

Lions and Rabbits Gallery